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Pet Portraits are available in a variety of sizes depending on the media you choose. I work in Copic Marker, Watercolour or Acrylic for my pet portraits, I tend to find that you end up with more detail with the larger sizes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding commissions, I will be happy to help. 


Acrylic Paint:

(Painted on artist wood panels)


Single portrait: £65


Single Portrait: £70


Single Portrait £75

Double Portrait £85


Single Portrait £90

Double Portrait £100


Single Portrait: £120

Double Portrait: £130

Multiple Pet Portrait: £140


Single Portrait: £180

Double Portrait: £190

Multiple Pet Portrait: £200


Single Portrait: £220

Double Portrait: £230

Multiple Pet Portrait: £240

Postage to UK Included


(Drawn on high quality card)


Single portrait: £80


Single Portrait: £95

Double Portrait: £105

A3 - 

Single Portrait £110

Double Portrait £120

Triple Portrait £130


Single Portrait £180

Double Portrait £190

Multiple Pet Portrait £200

Postage to UK Included


Single Acrylic Portrait 24x18"

Dog with Flowers.png

Single Acrylic Portrait 8x10"


Single Copic Portrait A4

Happy Spaniels.png

Double Copic Portrait A3

Oreo and Wookie.png

Triple Copic Portrait A3


If you'd like greetings cards made of your pet portrait, let me know.

I charge an additional £10 for 5 cards. 


A good quality photo is very important for me to get the character of your pet right. I generally work from photos taken by the owner as they know their pets better than me and will capture their personality better. Here are some guidelines to help you pick the best photo:

Make sure the whole of your pet is in the photo. I can do full body drawings or head and shoulders, but please make sure all parts (tails, ears, paws etc) are in the photo so I can make sure to get markings right. If you have a photo you absolutely love that is missing something, I can work from multiple photos.

Preferably send photos that haven't used flash. It is possible to work from these, but I have to correct the effect it has on eyes and as I don't know your pet, I might make it look a bit different! 

If you are unsure if a photo would work then please message me, I am happy to advise you on what makes a great final image.


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