Below is a gallery of different illustrations and artwork I have done. If you like a style feel free to contact me about it, I'm always willing to try my hand at something new. 

Some images are available as prints, cards and gifts.

Acrylic Paintings

Moon Lit Fox.png

Moonlit Fox

Waiting Tiger, Hidden Hearts.png

Waiting Tiger,

Hidden Hearts

Spring Hare.png

Moonlit Fox

Spring Hare

Autumn Badger.png

Autumn Badger

Fox in Fall.png

Fox in Fall


Dreaming Wolf

Strawberry Badger.png

Strawberry Badger

Woodland Fox.png

Dreaming Wolf

Summer Fox

Winter Woodlands.png

Winter Woodlands



Watercolour Paintings

Sleepy Fox.png
Red Grouse.png
Curious Fox.png
Thoughtful Hare.png
Sleepy Hare.png
Valais Blacknose Sheep.png

Digital artwork commissioned by Chris Myers for his RHS award winning garden designs. 

"Whilst I have the vision in my head, Ellie is the one who brings it to life through her fantastic illustrations." - Chris Myers 2018

Digital Fox Illustrations

 Cars in Copic Marker


If you are looking for a car illustration, they follow the same price guidelines listed under the commissions tab.